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Reported by Yukuo Hayashida, Professor of Saga University
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The International Collaborative Research Project
"Real-time High-Quality Captured-Image Transmission System
for International Medical Volunteers.

conducted by
Faculty of Medical Science, Saga University (Japan),
University of Peradeniya(Sri Lanka), and
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Saga University (Japan)

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Members of the Project:

Abstract of the project:

In recent years, international societies are strongly requesting activities of technical cooperation and transfer of the technologies and knowledge of Japan. This year is the International Volunteers Year. Professor Takeshi Katsuki of Saga Medical School has visited Sri Lanka and performed the medical activities with his excellent professional expertise of Maxillofacial surgery. The lessons to learn with his experiences show the following: The required medical equipments, goods and medicines are depending upon the result of medical examinations of individual patient. So if the volunteer doctor could see the images of patients of Sri Lanka at his home country before visiting Sri Lanka, it is possible to prepare the required medical equipments, goods and medicines, leading to effective medical activities of the volunteer doctors at visiting country. The goal of this proposed project is to construct a high-quality image transfer system that supports to acquire pre-information for the volunteer doctors.

Nowadays, we can use the Internet as a global network to transfer multimedia data all over the world. Although medical images require high quality and large size, the practical images transmitted over the Internet are limited to small, low-quality images due to low transmission bandwidth of the international line. The software of real time transmission of clipped images captured from DV (digital video) camera is being developed by Saga University and could be applicable to the system for supporting the volunteer medical doctors. We have a plan to show the effectiveness of the proposed system between two countries, Sri Lanka and Japan.

Objectives of the project:

The objectives of this project is as follows:
  1. Real-time transmission experiments of the clipped images captured from DV camera between University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, and Saga Medical School, Japan, using the software developed by Saga University.
  2. Pick up the issues and problems of network and end systems, and find the solutions to satisfy the requirements of international medical volunteers.
  3. Advancing the computer skills of Sri Lankan technical staff engaged in the medical surgery and information technologies.

Progress of the project:

(1) 13th August 2001: one-way image transmission experiment from Professor Hayashida of Saga University to Professor Amaratunga of University of Peradeniya is successfully performed.
  • Shinji and Rino (Back line)
  • Duminda and me (Front line)
(2-1) 29th August 2001: one-way image transmission experiment from Professor Katsuki (Photo) and his staff of Saga Medical School to Professor Amaratunga and his staff of University of Peradeniya is successfully performed.
(2-2) 29th August 2001: one-way image transmission experiment:
Prof. Katsuki, Dr. Ihara and Mr.Yamaguchi communicate with Peradeniya staff by chat tool.
(3) 10th September 2001: Dr. Shigematsu (Saga Medical School, left), Duminda, and Shinji completed setting of the devices at Saga Medical School. These devices are not dedicated but temporarily used to this project.
(3-1) 15th September 2001: We get the images from Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, in real time!
Professor Amaratunga (left) and Dr. Ihara who is now in Peradeniya for medical activities; this is one of the images received in real time from Peradeniya over the Internet! In this case, the original images are caputered in the mode of 360*240*24. The image size of 720*480*24 (maximum) can be received in our system.
(3-2) 15th September 2001:
Mr. Ranjith operates those devices, sender and receiver computers and DV camcorder.
(3-3) 15th September 2001: Ms. Michiyo Moriyama, Coordinator, and Mr. Nagao, Chief-Advisor of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), in Peradeniya.
The orignal Image in 720*480*24 mode is here...
(3-4) 15th September 2001: Dr. Ihara and Mr. Yamaguchi in Peradeniya.
The orignal Image in 720*480*24 mode is here...

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